European Certificates of Origin

The European Community (EC) Certificate of Origin is a commercial or Customs clearance requirement of some countries which evidences the origin of the goods.  An EC Certificate of Origin may be called for in any country worldwide and will be requested by the overseas customer.

Additional documents such as a Commercial Invoice, Packing List or other document that accompanies a shipment may also require certification.

NI Chamber is authorised by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to approve certificate of origins and can offer advice and guidance on their completion as well as providing a fast turnaround in processing through our online platform.

If you require a EC Certificate of Origin or other document certified all you need to do is contact Dawn Robertson, our experienced Export Document Executive, for assistance on 028 90 244 113 or email



NI Chamber can provide you with a worked example of a European Certificate of Origin. Below are a few questions and ways you can submit your document.

How do I apply for my Certificate of Origin to be certified?

Customers are required to sign a Formal Undertaking form with NI Chamber which includes a list of authorised signatories.  This document is updated annually and must be returned to the NI Chamber.  Failure to return the Formal Undertaking may result in your document being delayed pending.

NI Chamber can provide full guidance on completing a certificate of origin for UK origin and foreign origin goods.  These instructions are available on request

There are then several ways to send your documents to us:

Online Platform

The most popular form of applying is through our fully electronic system where you can obtain your certified documents during the same day – sometimes within minutes!  Over 80% of the documents we process reach us through this system. This is deemed the cheapest and safest method of sending and receiving your documents as you do not need to rely on the post or couriers because you can print it out from the comfort of your own office.

By Post

Please complete the 3-part European Certificate of Origin together with your invoice and any other backup documentation and payment and send it in to us. We will then check and certify the Certificate and return it to you by first class post.  However, if you prefer to collect it, please let us know.

While you Wait

We simply ask you to ensure that the document bears an original signature which matches the Formal Undertaking form lodged with us.  Scanned signatures on documents are only acceptable via the online service.

NI Chamber also hold stocks of blank Certificates for you; should you require some blank forms, please contact our office and we will post them to you.

What do I need to send to the Chamber with my Certificate of Origin?

Commercial Invoice

Packing List (if the Gross Weight is not shown on your Invoice)

Full Names and Addresses of the manufacturers should be shown on the back of the Pink Page.

Please note that if any of the goods were manufactured overseas, we require documentary proof of this, by way of a commercial document (for each item) such as the Foreign Certificate or Invoice from the manufacturer.

How much does it cost to issue a European Certificate of Origin?

Please contact the office for an up to date price.

Having a signature on a document attested by NI Chamber

This is the process by which NI Chamber attests signatures on documents that aren’t Certificates of Origin such as: invoices, health certificates and agency agreements and so forth. When a chamber stamps a document such as invoice it is not stamping the document to state that it’s correct or true. Instead we are confirming we recognise the signature on the document.  That’s why, when you need NI Chamber to stamp a document, such as an invoice, you must ensure that an authorised signatory from the lodged the Formal Undertaking has counter-signed the document. When NI Chamber receives the document we then check the signature on the document against your Formal Undertaking and if matches up then we’ll be able to stamp the document in question.

For any queries relating to completion, processing or for further information on EC Certificates of Origin or attested documents, please email Dawn Robertson or call 028 90 244 113.